Do Solar Panels Affect Climate Change?

Solar Panel Installation process

Climate change is a growing problem around the globe, and it brings into focus the question: Can solar panels stop climate change?

Reducing climate change is a goal that we should all be heading towards soon, and scientists have found many ways to reduce it that everyone can do to improve the situation in our atmosphere. One common way to help the environment is switching to solar energy!

What Are Solar Panels And How Do They Work?

Solar panels are a type of energy generator that harnesses power from the sun. When daylight hits a solar panel (note that we said ‘daylight’ – not just sun) it creates a reaction that causes the solar energy to be converted into electrical energy.

Solar Panels and Climate Change

Solar panels are very commonplace, and can be found on an industrial scale in large power plants, or in homes, or on calculators! Each solar panel helps towards combatting climate change.

Each cell on a solar panel contains a number of pieces of silicone, which is what converts the energy from the sun into electricity. This DC (direct current) electrical current is then send out of the solar panel. However, most electrical appliances that we use in our homes require an AC (alternating current). Therefore, the electricity is run through an inverter, converting the current into the correct type.

Solar Panels And Climate Change

The question still stands: Can solar panels help to stop climate change?

The short answer is: yes, yes they can!

Solar panels are a source of renewable energy, meaning that we will never be able to use it all up. Fossil fuels (such as oil and coal) are non-renewable sources of energy, and directly release harmful gasses into the environment. Solar panels can help to reduce the amount of gasses being emitted into the atmosphere, and provide a clean, green, energy source!

Solar PV panels can help with more than just climate change. They can also reduce your reliance on the National Grid, and can noticeably reduce your energy bills!

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