Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Seasonal thermal store"

25 Aug '09: Having thought this was a solo idea, I am pleased to find that there is a discussion of this already, and one example can be seen in the expression Seasonal Thermal Store. My respect for Wikipedia has grown enormously now I have seen how carefully the moderators and readers weigh up the validity of material submitted for Wikipedia.
    An engineer has written to me the following: "I am aware of at least one office building that was constructed in San Jose, California, USA that I believe uses the technology discussed in this article. More notable references like this (from independent sources) would improve this article. This office building is famous because it has zero energy footprint and a zero carbon emission footprint. I can't find the reference on the office building right now. It was published in the IEEE Spectrum Magazine in the last year or two."
     So with Mike's help, I will either strengthen the article, or I may reflect on it and allow it to be deleted on the basis that Seasonal Thermal Store seems to sum it up with more academic strength than I could give it. My contribution is that I am actually doing it. But not just doing it... getting it monitored by dataloggers, with support from a PhD student from the University of Nottingham.

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