Monday, August 24, 2009

Sponsorship idea

We are considering an offer of industrial sponsorship. But it worries us that if the project is bound by conditions to be confidential, it would mean the end of this blog, and prevent me being able to write articles promoting this idea (we think it's a good idea and want others to know about it.) The simplicity of the components, and the fact that the expensive bits - the GSHP and the boreholes are already in place - mean that sponsorship is not really necessary, but advice is!
Any company sponsoring this would obtain a market leadership if the idea has commercial potential, by being privy to source data, but first to provide the product that meets what is undeniably a 'good idea'. The company who has proof of concept, plus precedent and recommendation, and a viably priced product will be successful.
So... keep watching for news on this.

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