Sunday, September 27, 2009

Scaffolding up for the PV Panels

27 Sept : On Friday afternoon, the scaffolders turned up and did a wonderfully efficient job, getting the whole rear of the house done in just an hour, including building a bridge across the glass conservatory. I nearly reduced the total of panels to a line that would not be above the conservatory - simply because I didn't trust the scaffolders to get this up without breaking one of the panes - how wrong that was!
   The 22 we have ordered will cover most of the roof, offering some space at the south end to add a further 3 sometime, if we are permitted to within the terms of the Feed in Tariff. At the moment our proposed 22 equals 3.96 kW, but only if facing south.
Haha don't worry, the house isn't really bending. It's the Panoramic-Photo effect that joins several pictures together. If the camera is slightly tilted upwards, you get a bending effect.

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