Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Solar Power in KobnHavn

Sept : I have an architect friend in Copenhagen reading this blog and considering PV on a 6 storey office block he is working on.
I am not sure of the tariff in Denmark,  but in the proposed German style tariff for the UK, it's definitely worth fitting.  So I replied that:
For us as an all electric household in the UK, we have in effect a season ticket for 20 yrs (the guarantee period of the tariff, but this is extendible)

For a one off payment (to Instal PV on our roof), we have:
Guaranteed TWENTY Years
 of NO HEATING Bills
     NO HOTWATER Bills
On top of which, our roof will earn some money, because we generate more than we need. All we have to do is clean it annually (with a long wet brush) and make sure all the electrical connections are in good order. We will have meters, and can check if there is any falling off in performance due to atmospheric dust etc.
The cost is about the same as a medium size car. In 20 yrs that car will have been scrapped, in 10 year it will be worth not even £1000 and we would need another.
In 10 and 20 yrs, our roof will still be earning money, providing totally free heat, light and power, and if we are still here and had to move, the panels have a resale value, and can be assembled on the next house, or add value to the house we are selling, more than they cost in 2009. The EPC system in the UK will add value points to houses with energy efficient systems.

For his 6-storey Office building, I replied:
There is value in fixing it to a vertical facade, as you get less power in summer, but more in Winter when you need it more. And a wall is more self cleaning - and high enough not to be shaded by neighbours.
Overall though, with the tariff arrangements, its better to harvest more in summer and sell it, but its difficult to arrange that on a facade. For Kobnhavn that would need to be 38ยบ
See this table for 4kW worth of panels... (for your 6 storey you could have a lot more the 4KW. and you do SAVE on the cost of rainscreen cladding, as solar panels do that.)

How close to south can you make the wall? with a NEW building this is more important as you can design it to be optimal, instead of just attaching to an existing wall that is not in the right direction. For an Office building it's good to reduce the amount of South Window, so have more windows to north (for workspace daylighting), therefore have more wall with solar power on the south, reducing solar gain and reducing air-conditioning costs.

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