Saturday, October 24, 2009

Water Tank for the Balls

24 Oct : Now that I have the PCM Balls - two dustbins and a small crate load, I have to think of how to use them. Having first thought of making an insulated plywood crate, then it was suggested to me to consider a 200 litre rainwater butt. But it would be hard to put the copper coil in through the top opening. So I have moved onto the idea of a Cold water tank, which will fit through the loft hatch. 50 gallons (240 litres 1090 x 610 x 500mm) will be enough for almost all of the balls - and being long, would be easier to make the copper piping for.
     I met a group today in the Marmont cafe who are from BASF, and they suggested that I can get liquid phase change wax emulsion  to pour in around the balls. My first idea had been to put sand in, but dry sand isn't conductive enough. Wet sand is better, but I thought it would dry out, be too affected by the temperature change and be too heavy. I am presently thinking of catering packs of cooking oil (eg Rapeseed) to bind the sand and avoid evaporating. The Micronal phase change liquid wax would undoubtedly be best, if it doesnt cost a huge amount.... either on its own, or mixed with coarse sand. Hmmmm.... think on, DNC!

Sept 2010: Update: This tank was returned to Screwfix after I decided not to use the tank or the balls.

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