Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Welcome to three students!

14 Oct : I have been discussing the project with colleagues in the Dept of Built Environment, and it is likely we will have 2, perhaps 3 students to study the project and make use of the data I have been recording.
1. We hope to have a BA student, looking at the project non-mathematically, mainly as a case study in the light of the new feed in tariff scheme, policies and economic arguments for renewable technologies, code for sustainable homes targets, etc.
2. We also hope to have an MEng student taking a more mathematical modelling approach, comparing computer models with actual data. As the BA and MEng are only working on it till May 2010, they cannot look at interseasonal thermal storage, but will be able to monitor Diurnial thermal storage, i.e. in the March-April equinox period we hope that daytime warmth will return in the cold evenings.
3. We also hope to have a PhD student, who will have a 3 year term of work on this. Although the first year is often spent on literature research, the data will continue to be collected, and the total of three years will reveal the full effect of three summers and winters alternating to see if there really can be interseasonal storage that makes an economic benefit (as well as recording the diurnial benefits.)

It is a complicated equation trying to work out if Solar Geocharging is noticeably reducing electricity consumption if at the same time, you have a PV roof that is doing just that, and has varying performance depending on the weather. Our prime target is to reduce the previous 2 yrs of energy consumption of 8500 kWh per annum.
The PV roof is giving us free energy for life, so you could say we do not need to do the Solar Geocharging... but hey! this is Research! Mrs NC and I and Ice Energy and my Professor Saffa Riffat, and my friends in EvoEnergy and Rushcliffe Borough council have great faith that this will demonstrate a chance to improve the performance of heatpumps.

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