Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Work continues: insulate, and pipes...

14 Oct : Yes, anybody reading this in recent weeks must think I have forgotten about the Solar Geocharging project. Well yes, the emphasis of the last few weeks has been on the PV, because it is such a major novelty (and expenditure!) But with the prospect of 3 students taking this on as a dissertation subject, I have to go ahead!
   I got the solar-air panels from Ice Energy in mid September, and they were in the garage for a few weeks. This week I decided to get back to work on the project. So I have recently bought some Loft insulation and have been topping the insulation from 20cm to 40cm. I use large insulation mattresses from Knauf, 1.1m x 3.6m, which unroll to cover the top of the rafters. This establishes the optimum height for the pipes that will go from the south wall to the north wall.
   I went to the plumbing merchant and bought £300 worth of 28mm copper pipes, elbows, tees, reducers, pipe insulation, and other essentials. The idea is for me to install the long pipes dry, and get a plumber later, for the glycol filling and connection to the heat-pump loop.

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