Tuesday, November 24, 2009

RS485 Nightmares and Web Talking

Nov 24 : Our system has been talking to the web for a week now, by sending data to the SMA Website. The SunnyPortal.com compiles the data into graphs. We lost a few days of data over the weekend when the data cables pulled out of the plug when modifying the way that the unit was screwed to the wall (although the roof kept on working of course). As the colour coding of the strands was unusual (check RS485 on Google), I needed to experiment with the colours, and ask EvoEnergy a few questions. Got it working by Tuesday lunchtime after three very frustrating hours of trying.
    Now I am having interesting times configuring the pages on the SunnyPortal site, because you have limited desktop publishing abilities to very the appearance of the graphs - bars, XY points, lines, polygons etc. We have also enjoyed the addition of a sensor that gives Daylight levels, surface and ambient temperatures. Sometimes, this can allow one to reflect, eg when the surface and air temperature are close the wind is less, and when a strong SW wind is blowing, the temperatures diverge.

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