Thursday, December 31, 2009

Moving the Rails - get it right!

31 December: Thinking harder about the problems of the position of the panels, I decided that a thoroughgoing approach was required - take two of the panels and rails off,  drill new holes in the aluminium for refixing to the wall, and then to refit the panels from new with the main rails perfectly plumb, and 3cm to the right. This was forced on me by the fact that the polycarbonate panels are perfectly square and require perfect squareness in the rails.

This was a difficult decision, but made easier by a visit from Chris McCabe, a builder (and contemporary of my daughter) who has helped other families in our West Bridgford friendship group. He stayed for a couple of hours - it is much nicer and more decisive working with someone on scaffolding in freezing temperatures, a lot quicker, and we finished with plenty of daylight left.
Later in the evening, I got more plumbing done in the loft - it's time to do the vertical piping to the ground floor! The photograph above may not look different from earlier ones, but close up, and millimetrically speaking, it is perfectly plumb and ready to fit the glassy boxes!

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