Monday, February 1, 2010

Panels Revealed for Nottingham Post

1 Feb 2010: I was told that the Nottingham Post photographer might be calling for a photo for a feature about the new Photovoltaic Feed-in tariffs.
   Therefore, I decided it was time to peel the white plastic off the face of my Surya-1 Sunboxes. The white plastic skin has been left on to keep them clean and to avoid too much heat build up while the black chillers inside are dry. The Nottingham Post readers would be confused with those large white boxes if the article is mainly about PV panels and tariffs, so the white plastic has to be peeled off.
    They look a lot better as transparent and shiny. I have to clean out some of the brickdust which built up inside when drilling more holes for the tilting rootlets.

Postscript: Agh! He didn't call, as they wanted to photograph a commercial property, but I hope the Nottingham Post will do a feature at a future date.

Post Post script... 2010 they did a feature a few months later. It was another month, the 2nd week of March 2010 before the plumbing was finally connected and turned on.

Post Post Postscript ... August 2011. These original sun box outer cases have gone now, and are replaced by more efficient new design, a single large Sunbox, called Surya-3. See this posting:

Post Post Postscript ... February 2012: Plans are in hand for the system to be further augmented with an array of evacuated tubes from Kingspan, on the spare space on my east roof.
Surya-3 Sunbox under construction, August 2011

Post Post Post Postscript... May 2012: The evacuated tubes are in place, along with a heat exchanger, and the system is working fully - with data recording to see how it works through a full year. The next plan is to fit ETFE to the front panels.

Post Post Post Post Postscript... Jan 2013: The sloping front panels got changed to ETFE panels which allows in more thermal energy - and the wall below now has an extension with another sunbox on it, roof mounted.

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