Monday, March 15, 2010

Electrical additions!

14 Mar : Over the weekend, got the Thermostat fitted, and of course, got the Danfoss solenoid valve fitted a few days earlier. Now the system is still time clock operated, but I can also get accurate temperatures - comparing the air-sun temperature in the glassy boxes, and the glycol loop temperature, to one decimal point. There's a long bellwire from this plumbing at the north end of the house to the solar panels at the south end, and the pipe sensor is attached in that little white collar just next to the flowmeter.
   The purpose of the thermostat will be to remove the time-clock and have the system activated only by the thermostat noticing the difference between the two temperatures, and turning it on when there is an advantageous difference - perhaps 5 degrees C. As these are air-panels as well as solar, they can run all night if summer nocturnal temperatures are good enough. You have to program the unit, but there's only two buttons on the front and you have to use combinations of the buttons and time intervals (eg both buttons then wait ten seconds) to program it.  I have the instructions in Spanish, French, German and English and still can't work it out!
  When it's working, the black power cable will loop into the thermostat box.
  Its beginning to dawn on me that you can flick through parameter numbers, and then somehow set a value for the one you are trying to change. I will work on it some more!

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