Monday, March 29, 2010

PV Harvest over 5 months

28 March 2010: As we near the end of March, it seems to have been cold, but sunnier than usual - the PV harvest is approaching 150% of what we would expect for this month.
  We started the PV in 1st October, but had a hand held unit for the first month and a bit. Then in mid November, we went over to datalogging to the SMA website, which worked for a few days, but there were problems with the data-cable to the modem which I resoldered, and by 24 Nov, we were back in business. I also kept metered records of course.
One problem with installing in September is that one sees nothing but decline for the first few months. But things are looking good now. January and Feb were depressing due to the periods of snow and heavy cloud, but the expected harvest is so small that it doesn't matter. March has been cold but with sunny days, and that is ideal for PV panels. Often during the day we see the meter indicating that there is reverse flow (it displays a "r.e.d." message)!
Month '09 Oct Nov Dec '10 Jan Feb Mar
Actual 170.60 109.30 64.40 57.30 98.60 281.30
Expect 160.00 79.00 48.00 69.0 117.0 207.0
Ratio  1.07 1.39 1.40 0.83 0.84 1.50

March figures were 50% up on expectation.

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