Saturday, April 3, 2010

3D Modelling the system

3 April : Modelling project is going well with the Sunboxes, Plumbing and now Electrics modelled (although ArchiCAD not giving an easy way to do the actual cables.... I might have to use more GDL).
  I will add the Suntube that brings light from the West roof into the central landing. I think in Real life, the thermostat needs moving downstairs.
  If I switch the camera view round, I get a great view of the reverse of the panels and all the plumbing coming into them (with the wall removed, for clarity).

Next I need to model the plumbing above and around the heatpump itself, on the ground floor.

By the way, the ICE engineer did not call last week, so the GSHP is still having fun boosting the water temperature too high.

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