Thursday, April 22, 2010

April Sunshine and hot baths....

22 April : We've had a succession of good days, sunwise, and my whole family is here... son and daughter. We have had 5 days out of 7 above 20 kWhrs of Photovoltaic generation, and have burst through the prediction for April - for this month we should expect 306, but we beat that today... with nine days of April to go.

I am quite glad my daughter is doing 'normal' things like having a bath (because we only ever have quick showers....) as this is a good test of the GSHP's ability to bring the water tank back to 51º, using some of the buried heat to achieve a good COP.
  This evening it was Very Quick to reheat the water by the way. Although I have made the Sunbox activating temperature difference to be 5degC, they are still working at 10.30 pm feeding heat to the ground and GSHP!
  The air temp outside is 8.5º but it is 10.5º inside the sunboxes despite the glycol continuously pulling heat out of the boxes at 5.0º. I feel that the brickwork must be continuing to release heat, otherwise, how could the air temp be holding up well late at night? I would like to paint the brickwork inside the sunboxes with matt black paint, but am reluctant to do this as there are already some holes drilled, is that enough? The black paint would make them even more effective.

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