Friday, April 16, 2010

Energy Flowmeter on the electric pump

16 April : I am somewhat concerned at running the sunbox pump at mid speed, although this produces more efficient results for the sunboxes when they are interacting with the GSHP during heating cycles. In Winter and Equinox, this fast response is proving to be very welcome.
  For the long summer months when the GSHP is doing nothing much (a v small amount of water heating) it will only be charging the earth - for which speed is not significant. As much of this heat will diffuse into the infinite surroundings, there is no call to run the pump quickly.
 We might choose a date for official 'Summertime' when the pump is changed to slow speed - this can be when average air temperatures are consistently higher than 15ยบ and the GSHP is working in summer mode.

I have fitted a Brennenstuhl energy flow meter to the pump, so I can add to my metering spreadsheet its daily energy consumption and the cumulative total.

PS, the damn Brennenstuhl doesnt work, it show zero for everything except the time. Doh!

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