Sunday, April 18, 2010

Radiator for the Sunbox mark 2

18 April : Seems that more and more people are thinking about PVT:- PV and Thermal combined - although they are intending it for hot water heating mostly, and what makes my project unique is that it's for a Sunbox, which augments a Heatpump.
  Blaise is doing a paper on it for Shanghai, and I am developing one, and Mike S wants to develop one too.
  As a commitment to the project, I have ordered the aluminium for my prototype, and have compiled the shopping list for the Polycarbonate.
  For the Thermal Collector, I did have a free gift of a central heating radiator, but it was 25 yrs old and would be too inefficient and probably full of rust and scale. I decided "not to spoil the ship for a ha'porth of tar" so gave that radiator away on Realcycle, and went to Screwfix for a brand new, high surface area single panel radiator, and a pot of Matt Black paint and some brushes. This will be for the radiator and for the back of the Sharp PV panel.
  Ice Energy will supply another Wilo pump and a Supercal Energy flow meter. Although this unit will be tee'd into the existing loop to the existing Surya Sunboxes, it will have its own pump and energy flowmeter, so we can calculate its contribution separately and subtract the difference. These will be switched on by the same thermostat that we presently use. Also, it will be based on 15mm or 22mm plumbing so will need a pump to avoid it being a 'backwater'.

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