Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Watching the system work!

6 April : I know this makes me sound sad, as if I get a kick from watching paint dry... but for about 15-20 mins today I kept an eye on the thermostat at around midday, for some satisfying observations.
  The weather outside is overcast, windy and 12ºC, but the temperature in the sunboxes remains defiantly above 15º even with heat being pulled out of them and the wind blowing coldly past them. We found the GSHP at rest having just done some heating, and the ground loop temperature was 8.2. Within 15-20 mins, with the GSHP resting and the sunboxes doing their work, the loop temperature climbed steadily through the 8s, then through the 9s, and reached 10.0 ºC, and the sunbox temp fell to about 14.7 (meaning that it was giving heat to the glycol)... at which I decided to get a life and get on with something else.

This is about the circulating temperature in the ground loop (and through the sunboxes) - I was amazed at the speed of the recovery; obviously heat flows through the wall of the pipe and takes time to move into the clay. When the heatpump went back on, the loop temperature rapidly fell to 8.2 again, which is what it needs today for keeping the house heating ticking over.

There is a YouTube Video made just before the Scaffolding came down.

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