Monday, May 10, 2010

3 days on, 3 days off, for testing

9 May : As soon as the 3-port Danfoss solenoid valve was installed, and the system restarted Sunday morning, it seemed as if the Sun came out to welcome the new installation, the first sun we had seen for a week. With the system off, the temperature in the Sunboxes had climbed to over 40ยบ, and when I turned it all back on, there was an immediate improvement. The flowrate to the sunboxes is now driven by the water pump in the GSHP assisted by the one in the loft, and so delivery of heat from up there is much more rapid. It's amazing to see liquid returning from on high with a temperature in the low twenties, or high teens. Is this what it will be like in high summer?

When the GSHP has completed a heating cycle, it goes back to sleep (quickly now) and leaves the slow low-power pump in the loft to quietly continue circulating heat, always charging. If the GSHP has just been heating, then it has temporarily chilled the pipe of the ground loop, so the liquid from the Sunboxes is preventing any chilling effect - it is restoring stability very quickly.

Blaise came round in the evening to check the datalogger, and as the change of the Danfoss is a major change in performance, we decided to download what we have already, clear the datalogger memory and make a fresh start.
   As he wants some clean comparable figures, we agreed that I run the house with the Sunbox system ON for three days, Mon, Tue and Weds, and then run the house with the system turned OFF for Thur, Fri and Sat. The datalogger can record the performance. We have to hope that the weather will be roughly equivalent for the week.
  Everything has to be ON again for Sunday 16th May which is when we have the Open Day. Meanwhile, I am working on the ArchiCAD drawing to update the circuit diagram to show this new valve.

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