Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Prodigal Student appears, and 3 drawings

11 May : I mentioned on 2 December another of the dissertation students, Joel Carter who formalised with me the idea of forming the polycarbonate enclosures. But I never saw him again after that meeting! It was so long that I would no longer recognise him if passing in the coffee bar.
  Suddenly he appeared again today, anxious to get on and complete the dissertation. It is obvious from the conversation that he has been reading this blog quite thoroughly, so I was willing to discuss it further and with some urgency. Let's hope it's a good one - the hand in is near the end of May.
   The earlier dissertation, by Robert the B.A student, has already been printed and handed in, so I look forward to seeing a copy of that.

The PhD student, Blaise sent me three revised drawings of the circuit (in different operating modes) that he intends to use in our co-authored write up on the project.  I made some small corrections and returned them for his approval. They show:
  1. the heatpump working without the sunboxes, 
  2. the heatpump working as a hybrid system with both ground and sunboxes, and 
  3. the sunboxes working when the heatpump is 'sleeping'.
The Illustration on the right is of option 2.

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