Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Aluminium Eyebrows on the way!

7 Sept: I have ordered two large aluminium sheets from the Faculty Engineering stores, so my aluminium reflectors will happen!
   The angle will be 60º, so that in Midsummer Midday, they point their edges directly at the sun, and therefore there is no effect. That is what I want, the idea is to avoid overheating in high summer. Earlier and later than midday, the Sun is lower, there will be some reflection and some beneficial gain.
   The optimum angle for Equinox and Winter is between 64º and 54º, so I am hoping for a good earning of heat whenever sun shines in those seasons.
  They won't heat up the black collectors significantly as the sunlight is angled perpendicular to the black panels, but they will heat up the air inside, and air-heat is what triggers the thermostat to start pumping, and is responsible for a good proportion of our thermal capture.
  I am wondering about lining the bottom panel of the boxes with shiny aluminium too. I noticed that the bottom panel has quite a build up of dust, so perhaps the upward reflection from a bottom panel is too marginal to be worth getting. If I find that the upper shiny eyebrows produce a noticeable benefit, then I would chase further efficiency by adding the bottom panels.
  The reflectors are flat, not curved, so there is no risk of focusing and causing local extreme temperatures. 2mm alloy is very stiff and should not bend in the wind..... famous last words.

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