Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Converting GAS to Kilowatt hours

Since the article on Metering, I have had some questions on how to compute GAS energy equivalents. Actually, the gas bills are usually quoted in both, but this is quarterly. If you read your meter daily, you want an easy way to convert daily. Using a spreadsheet, it can all be soooo easy.
   Your Gas meter is usually in Cubic Metres. Multiply by the Calorific value, which for the gas delivered to my area is 39.4979. Multiply by a Volume Correction  1.022640. To get Kilowatt hours, now divide by 3.6.
  What this all means simply, is that if you have cubic metres,  multiply by 11.02. One cubic metre equals 11.02 kilowatt hours. Simples!
 Actually it could be more complicated. If you have an old meter showing it in Hundreds of Cubic Feet, your simple calculation is to multiply by 31.3 to get Kwh.
  Incidentally, only 56% of the cost of gas is for the gas itself. 22% of your payment is towards storage and delivery, 8% towards operating overheads, 7% to VAT and tax, 2% is the renewable obligation (e.g. paying for the Feed in Tariff and other grants for renewables), and 5% is profit for the company.
  To someone like me who has lived without gas for 4 years, it seems insane on health and safety grounds that we pipe highly explosive inflammable gas into the majority of urban homes in the UK.

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