Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jussi Mirrors in Finland

21 Nov 2010: Sami from the N-tron forum pointed out to me that he knows of an installation in Finland by someone called Jussi, (Mr Juha Kirjonen) which uses mirrors.
  Finns have a short summer season with very long hours of daylight at a low sun angle so they need to try every possible trick that will help. These are self-built panels, and seem to use central heating radiators as collectors. I hear from Sami that winter temps are so cold up there that you have a risk with above ground liquid circuits, even with anti-freeze. As the winter photo here shows, there probably too much snow for them to work even if you did have plenty of anti freeze in them!
   Aurinkovoimaa is Finnish for Solar Panel. Well done to Jussi for believing in the power of the mirror! His other albums have pictures of boat restoration projects, car and heat pump reconstruction, and more. He seems to have a very large workshop.
    His Picasaweb album has pictures of the whole thing being built in the workshop - the link is:


  1. There is not any new content yet, but current link
    to page is:

    I have 10m^2 new collector waiting for time to install.


    1. Thanks Jussi, I have edited the text in the main posting with the new link. Good luck with your new 10 sqm collector!

  2. This 3m² test collector has generated here in 62°North like that:
    2010 1047kWh, 2011 841kWh and 2012 (end of september)1005kWh.
    Annual equivalents /m² are 349, 280 and 335kWh.

    Its not very much in €uros, but cheap was building costs also.


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