Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pipe cover fabricated from aluminium

16 Feb '11: With summer on the horizon I want to add more weather protection for the exposed external pipes connecting to the sunboxes. This one will go over the central supply pipe between the boxes.
   I should have done this before the Winter, as there is also a chance to stuff some insulation around the pipes as a tiny contribution to reducing system losses.  In Summer, there would be heat gains through an uninsulated pipe, but I am also considering ultraviolet degradation.
  This is knocked up using 1.6mm aluminium alloy, same as I used for the mirrors. Many thanks again to Mr Makita, and the maker of my Angle grinder and pop riveter. Will try get it up there at the weekend.

I ought later to do ones for the return pipe at either end.... I have enough spare alloy for the job.
 The cover is for this tee junction, on the right, the photo was taken when the polycarbonate still had its protective plastic skin.


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  2. I am now designing pipe covers for the Return pipes too... so that the whole system gets weather and sunlight protection.

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