Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sunniest day for months!

8 Feb '11: I'm just basking in the figures from solar power today, the sunniest day since 20th October 2010.
It was cold,  between minus 1º to 9º and back to about 3ºC most of the day! That coldness helps both ways, as the PV works more efficiently in the cold, and the Sunboxes also work better if the GSHP is working harder to heat the house.
Today, we scored 9 kWh on the PV and 16 kWh from the Surya Sunboxes!
   Before the metal reflectors were fitted, there were only a tiny number of days last summer in which 16 kWh or more were achieved. So I have good hopes for the coming summer!
   My original prediction that we would get about 3,000 kWh from the sunboxes in a year is 145 short of the target with one month to go, to March 7. I was encouraged by high averages through the spring, summer and equinox.
   So I hope for some more sunny days! November'10 brought in 194 kWh, so this does seem attainable.

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