Friday, February 18, 2011

Walthamstow Interseasonal Charging

Walthamstow Fire Station
photo rendering
17 Feb '11: I am always glad to find other examples of Interseasonal Charging and here is a goody!  
   Walthamstow in London is getting a new Fire Station, due for completion in late 2011. They are installing 188 square metres of 132  PVT panels - PV with liquid cooling, a combination of solar PV and thermal. The heat from cooling these panels is to be buried under the building for use by the ground source heat pump. the panels will be the Solimpeks (that I wrote about earlier) installed by NewForm Energy.
   The statistics are impressive, if it finally gets built this way:
  • Peak Electrical should be 20.46 kW, and Peak Thermal 89.76 kW. The effect of liquid cooling is to improve the PV capture. 
  • Over a year they are hoping for over 22 megawatt hours of electrical energy and over 76 megawatt hours of thermal energy
A main fire station is a high consumer of hot water, with showering and cleaning of machines and equipment, so this heat is worth capturing, and will reduce power station fuel burning. I just hope that they stick to their promises and don't cut this bit out as a short term cost saving.

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