Sunday, March 13, 2011

Improving Air tightness, and protecting pipes

Underside of the Surya Sunbox - in daylight,
the airgap is quite visible.
13 Mar '11: Seeing how much airtightness affects the performance (comparing the Peveril boxes to the East Leake boxes,) I was up the ladder today with a bit of tape sealing ventilation escapes - to make the Peveril boxes even more efficient. I realise that clear packing tape is not externally durable for the full life of the product, but the bits of tape I used last sumer haven't rotted yet. So the panels are more airtight now, especially along the line of the lower louvre, and at the verge-ends of the upper rooflets.
    When I started this, I imagined big overheating problems in summer, but this never occurred, so the large vents at top and bottom are reducing performance (although if I need access for maintenance, I shall just have to slit the tape.) Unfortunately, for the lower louvres I used 1.6mm aluminium angle, not 3mm, so the louvre has a slight sag.... in the summer, I should replace that section.

The front aluminium is all one sheet, cut and
with folded tabs. The side aluminium will be cut
to shape and riveted to this.
I have also started work on the pipe covers. These will also help to reduce future heat losses, and reduce maintenance risks, such as water getting into the insulation. These chamfered corner units have the same pitch as the roof of the house, and will sit neatly behind the corner mirrors.
   I just noticed from this photo that a few pre-existing holes in the aluminium sheet (picked out of a skip!) have holes in the sloping surface, so these will have to be filled in with rivets.
  It is amazing what people will throw away. This aluminium is the same grade and quality as what I buy from the engineering stores. 

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