Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Soph Solar going up!

Tues 15 Mar '11: The installation in Norwich is happening today! This is my daughter's house and we are doing a sort of 'roof leasing' arrangement with her as her roof is so well oriented.
The scaffolding was put up on a sunny Monday, and the panels are going up on a damp foggy March Tuesday in Norwich. This is quick work, considering that we only ordered it a week ago! When I had mine done in 2009, it was 2 months from order to delivery - there was a shortage of panels at the time due to high demand in Spain. The UK is currently a leading market for them due to our feed in tariff.
   We have employed Carbon Legacy, the company who are also providing the site for the East Leake Surya Sunbox installation.

The working area is 4m x 4m so its a matter for final decision by the installer team whether it is 4x2 or 2x4 arrangement, depending on details of the verge and ridge and chimney flashing. We are using 235W  1000x1600mm polycrystalline panels which should be better in overcast conditions than monocrystalline... will be interesting to compare on a weekly basis with my own mono system.

Getting the first panel on without breaking a roof tile...
Half done now.... 4 more to go. 
The sag in the roof is a slight problem, but there is a very strong new purlin underneath which can carry the whole weight safely (it was put in there by Tom the Builder because of that sag).
Looks like it is complete! Only internal electrics to finish off!

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