Sunday, April 17, 2011

Window mirror fitted

17 April '11: Well I have fitted a mirror over the kitchen window, although it's too late in the season to make a difference. It is intended to increase solar gain in equinox times on sunny days - speed up incidental heat gain, and reducing the heating load on the house.
    This angle in the photo doesn't work, by the way. I have to do some fine tuning, by eye. The angle needs to be steeper. The whole mirror swivels (bolt and spring washers) and can act as a shader to the window in the height of summer. Also, now that it is up, I see that it might be better closer to the wall.
I think a foot mirror might be better, bouncing light upwards through the window to the ceiling, but that can't be on the ground floor windows as they are too low set to see the Sun, and there is a safety issue of walking along the side-path. I have rounded the corners, but they are still like blades. I might yet fit foot mirrors to the upstairs facing windows, but they will only reflect some heat+light into bedrooms, not a living space.
   There is an issue with the length of the brackets. For the foot mirrors they can be longer, but seeing these, I guess that they should be shorter for the top mirrors. Sunlight is coming through the gap - it would be better if the top ones hug the wall more closely.

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