Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Paper emerging for Istanbul

25 May '11: I'm working on a conference transaction paper about the Surya Sunboxes - it's for the conference in Istanbul Sept 2011. I don't know if this will ever get finished as I am nearing a deadline and still have things to do on it.
   One thing I am lacking is results at the engineering level. My meter readings prove that there has been a massive performance benefit, but some of that is due to good weather. Only data from sensors can really prove this. I never have managed to get useful datalogger information due to malfunctions with it and with us (memory filling up, Blaise's software being unable to find it, etc) and am grateful that my daily meter readings have been so persistent and accurate. They have been able to give me many useful readings and material for graphs.
   From my many meter readings, I compared some numbers for the time between March 15 and May 24, for 2010 and 2011.
GSHP PV Sunbox
2010 520 961 683
2011 286 994 775
There are two significant differences here, one is the milder spring weather of 2011 giving the GSHP less work to do. The other is that during this year, the sunboxes have had reflectors and last year they did not.
   I will modify this table at the end of May, and at the end of June.
   The performance of the Sunboxes is paradoxical because when the weather is colder, the GSHP works harder and gets more heat from the SBs. During sunny spring days, the SBs tick over at the slow pumping rate. The highest daily SB harvest appears to be on very cold but sunny spring or autumn days.
31 May 2011 Postscript: The final version of the article has been uploaded now to the SET 2011 website.

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