Sunday, May 8, 2011

Top flashing fixed!

7 May '11: On the day that Nottingham Forest make it to the nPower Championship playoffs by beating Crystal Palace away by 3-0, I sorted out my airgap problem.
A. LH sunbox half flashed / B. RH sunbox completely flashed
There is a gap at the top of the Sunboxes, the thickness of a finger. I guess that it is letting too much hot air escape as it is right at the top and hot air rises.  I have been wondering whether to fill it with foam, or rope or hosing..... or what...? I want it to be compressible so that the rooflets can still tilt upwards, but it has to be durable enough to not need replacing every year.
  I realised I had some self-adhesive Flashband in the garage. I worked out a simple detail with this that would glue to the polycarbonate and to the aluminium, and yet allow rainwater to escape sideways - and make it completely airtight along the top. I tried it with a short section of the self adhesive flashing, and it went in sweetly and sticks firmly to the two materials. So then I finished the lot - moving the ladder along, and using a harness to make sure of safety.
  The picture A is of the right hand box, with the unflashed part in the foreground and the distant part having had flashing applied. The picture B is of the left hand box, completely flashed now. This photo is taken looking along the space behind the top mirrors. 
  There are gaps at the bottom, and I might just use some duct tape for this, as a short term fix.
22 May Postscript: Forest didn't get further than the playoffs, a goalless draw with Swansea at home and a 3-1 defeat at Swansea's ground...

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