Sunday, June 26, 2011

June reports

26 June 2011: Cool rainy week, ending with the hottest day of the year, with the evening air temperatures still well above 20º. Well after midnight, the sunboxes are still delivering heat into the ground! The Brickwork got nice and warm during the day, and released its heat slowly. The deep ground was warmed all day and at my midnight test, it was well over thirteen - 13.8ºC! The house and the GSHP consumption is yet again an all time low for the annual figure - but it won't be next week because a year ago we were on holiday and the GSHP used nothing for 2 weeks.
     At this time of year, the kilowatt rate is reduced because there's no Heat pump boosting the flow and increasing the delta-T. It's a long patient task of pumping liquid round at 5 litres/min, gradually burying that heat. In winter, the average capture is nearly 2 kilowatts, in summer it is more like 1 kilowatt. In Winter, the GSHP actually uses heat captured from the panels in real time, in summer, they settle into a comfortable routine of circulating the glycol at 15 or 17º.

19 June 2011: I am almost too knackered after doing the Great Notts Bike Ride to do anything.... but what the heck, if I can cycle over 70 miles in the day, I can perhaps find the energy to read the meters.... and yet again (bearing in mind that last June '10 was a hot month), the house meter and the GSHP again record all-time-Low record figures. Its getting tight, we are now getting to the 'incompressible', but the house is 5,301, and the GSHP is levelling off at 3,335 kWh per annum, measured this week. I'd like the ground temperature to be consistently above 13.0 now, but it is not, it is sticking at 12.9ºC. The vertical angle of the sunbox front faces means that at this time of solstice, the reflection off the glass at midday is more than the heat getting in. The top mirrors do nothing at this time, the bottom ones are perhaps helping a bit. The outer corner mirrors seem to do nothing, they were a mistake - should have been back against the wall (like the vertical centre mirrors), or not at all.
   The sunbox thermal capture is not an all time record.... I need to get up there and make them more airtight if that is possible. Any significant change to the boxes, eg changing the front panel from 6mm to 4mm plastic would require scaffolding.

12 June 2011: The spring-summer of good sunshine continues (although the week ended with a day of rain). Yet again, the House and GSHP meter weekly summaries were annual records, by modest margins. At this time of year, a whole week of house figures are equivalent to a bad day in the winter, and 2 weeks of GSHP figures are equivalent to a bad winter's day. Ground temperature was down slightly to 12.8ºC, we have had the heating on a bit due to heavy rain on Sunday.

5 June 2011: The House and GSHP meter weekly summaries were again annual records, but by so little that it is not significant. At this time of year, daily amounts are so small that even a day of north wind, or a bit of rain can shift it either way... we are in summer stasis. The real test will  be in the autumn when daily heat pump consumption metering resumes.

Ground Temperature: The deep ground temperature has reached 13.0ºC much earlier than last year - perhaps 12.9, perhaps 13.9. We have three ways of measuring and they vary from 13.3 to 12.8, so I take the middle or smaller. This is already above the base temperature that we would expect the ground to be after an entire summer of recuperation, normally. So, if we keep storing heat all through June and July, lets hope it will get higher. During a relatively cool June, the temps stayed mostly below 13, but finishing the month on a good high of over 13. 

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