Friday, July 29, 2011

Wetherby Service is burying heat!

27 July 2011: We took a short holiday to Harrogate and Ripon (Yorkshire) and on the way stopped for lunch at Wetherby Service station on the A1(M) - recently built. I was glad to find an exhibition of its environmental strategy and discover that it is using underground thermal energy storage.
    The building is dumping heat gains of the summer (and of the shops and the food centre) into 32 boreholes under the car park, aiming to get the ground up to 18ºC. The ground source heat pump is reverse cycle, so it can do this. Then during the winter, it will bring the heat back up, expecting to reduce the ground temperature to 12º . This is similar to the system being used in all the new buildings of the University.
The only differences between these and my system (apart from the obvious one of size) is that I am not using a reverse cycle GSHP and don't have a building with large heat gains to dump. Houses do not have these. So I use custom designed solar panels and boxes to provide this summer heat. 

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