Saturday, August 6, 2011

Surya 3 Progress 5.8.11

Right hand Sunbox has its front off. These are to be hinged
for future maintenance. 
5 August 2011: Good progress again, although I always finish when it is so dark that I can't take an end-of-the-day photo. I really seem to be almost finished! In the two weeks of this build process, I have noticed the changing of the times of sunset and absolute darkness. I have resisted using an outside light in darkness, or I would go on deep into the night and annoy the neighbours with drilling and angle grinding.
  There are so many people walking past, taking their evening walk that I often lose time chatting with them, me on the scaffolding with hat, goggles and knee pads, and them with their dog gambolling around while we chat.
This shows the new partition walls
clear and strong.
Both front panels loosely
fixed so that I can resolve the fitting
of the centre infill zone.
This shows the new partition walls
clear and strong.
Detail of the space between the boxes, which has to be filled in. The parts had to be custom cut, measuring precisely to the existing cantilever walls. This could not have been done easily if I had stuck with the previous partition walls built from triple wall it would have been impossible, so it was a good thing to make the change three days ago. If doing a totally new box, I would not have had this complexity.

6 August '11 addendum: Saturday: Shopping and Nottm Forest match today and when I got back it rained! However, between the rain and nightfall, I had the satisfaction of being able to complete an entire rooflet with mirror, and get it fitted up, fitting perfectly. 

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