Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Surya3 complete and scaffolding down!

Final photo of the Surya-3 before
I descend the ladder for the last time
29 Aug 2011: The scaffolding is due to come down, so I found time during the Monday bank holiday to finish off everything I could think of :
 • gave the boxes a good coating of Turtle Wax (so they would reject water droplets better), and
 • fixed extra machine screws along the top edge of the front panels (to improve stability of polycarbonate under wind or ladder loading)
 • fixed a strut at the top centre line of both front panels so that they can take the pressure of a ladder leaning on them,
 • added a few more screws and rivets here and there to make them more airtight,
 • strengthened the hinges at the top of the front panels.
At about 5.30 pm, my Riveter broke, and luckily Screwfix were open on the Bank Holiday. Managed to get a better one and fix the extra rivets in before dark. The new one has a swivelling head!

The scaffolding is being taken down
quickly, and soon I can get a photo
of the clean wall!
30 Aug 2011: 9am promptly, the scaffolder, Richard Pearson, was at the front door to request taking down the scaffolding. I was glad to see it go, so that I can photograph the final boxes just in time to complete my powerpoint for SET Istanbul - which has to be done by 30th August, today!
  I cannot recommend Pearson Scaffolding too highly, they have been quite excellent. The scaffold was strong and safe, all the tubes and boards are new, and Richard was very flexible to allow for my complicated life, which meant that a job that I thought would take only a week took 5 weeks. Phone 07804-794374 if you need a very good and reasonably priced scaffolding for your building project.

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