Saturday, October 8, 2011

Winter arrived! and London towers

The Swiss Re ('Gherkin') in the foreground,
Willis Tower in middle ground and
the 'Shard' (London Bridge Tower)
in the distance.
8 October 2011: Two days ago, I returned from a day in London, having left when it seemed to be still the 'Indian summer', and we were baking in the front seats of the coach driving south in the face of the autumnal sun.
  Amongst other things, I was able to go up to the 23rd and the 37th floors of the Heron Tower in Bishopsgate. This has some of the most wonderful views in London (until Renzo Piano's 'Shard' is completed) and a superb example of environmentally oriented design, designed by the outstanding firm of architects, Kohn Pedersen and Fox (KPF).

During the day, the climate changed to cold, and in the evening, we returned in continuous rain, and the house heating needed to be on. It has been on since. The temperatures were reaching 30ºC only a week earlier, and now we are more realistically in daytime temperatures of 13ºC and night time temps of below 10ºC.
  I am quite pleased actually. The long summer of storage has now completed, I have what seems to be a more efficient sunbox, and I can now observe this system working through another winter, and compare it, week by week, with the previous two winters.

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