Friday, November 11, 2011

Idea for an Extension

10 Nov 2011: We have been thinking for a while of a southward extension to the Dining Room. This seems odd as there is almost no space, but even a metre would improve the spatial quality of that room. We have in fact 1.1m of side alley, and I don't want to uproot the existing retaining wall. So, one idea would be to build it over the alley, and cantilever part of it over the sloping flowerbed.

Here is a first view of the idea. This could be constructed using SIPS construction, and would almost be cantilevered from the house - I am thinking of merely some props under the corners, either rubber blocks, or even a couple of car springs. The path would be lowered slightly to go under the extension.
There is a chance to fit some liquid cooled PV panels, probably from Anafsolar. The extra thermal surface area would be plumbed in to supplement the ground loop, and the PV surface would provide additional electrical power. The thermal loop would have its own enter flow meter and pump and thermostat. The PV would be working to a large battery, and powering certain devices in the house.

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