Sunday, November 27, 2011

Other constructions: Gate and Cloche

above is the work in progress on the Cloche, with my helper, Henry NC.
27 Nov 2011: Other things I have been doing:- the old Sunbox provided me with quite a lot of spare 6mm structural polycarbonate, so I have been finding ways to use it. First, in September and October, I did some work to make a Gate for the side alley, using minimal amounts of recycled aluminium. I decided to make it a fixed gate, with butterfly nuts and bolts if I need to open it on rare occasions. Then this weekend, I worked on a Cloche for the vegetable patch, which is causing the minimal possible waste of polycarbonate combined with a reasonable height of 450mm.

Side gate, and you can see down the alleyway
where the proposed extension will be.

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