Tuesday, January 17, 2012

NeoEnergy, Sweden

17 Jan 2012: NeoEnergy, the Swedish company of Goran Hellstrom and Thomas Blomberg (whose lecture on solar charging is a key document in this science) have a very useful dynamic animation on their contacts page, demonstrating progressive underground cooling over the years of a borehole from which heat is drawn by a GSHP, but not replaced. It gets progressively colder each year, and does not have time to recover fully in the summer.
I hope they don't change the page address in the future, but if they do, here is a screen grab of the page.
I gather that Robin Curtis (a key speaker at EcoBuild 2011's seminar on GSHPs) closed his UK company Earth Energy and has joined up with NeoEnergy, and later with Mimer, also a Swedish company.

NeoEnergy also sell software called Earth Energy Designer (EED) for borehole heat exchanger design, and they provide other specialist testing and prediction services (click on Service List on their main site)
Their links page has no active links to any UK sites, which seems to be a pity. I will write to them.

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