Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Radiators suitable for Heat Pump

11 Jan 2012: People often ask me how they could use a Heat Pump without tearing the floor up and laying an expensive underfloor heating system. Some people just like something warm to hug or to stand with one's back to on a cold day, or put a damp coat onto after being caught in the rain.  Underfloor heating just doesn't have this comfort (except for cats who love it!) Underfloor heating is invisible, and sometimes, if you can't see it, you don't feel it! If you have thick carpets, then expect even more delay before warmth comes through. For Retrofit, Underfloor heating is just about too challenging for anybody to take up.

I happened across this company, JAGA, who claim to have a whole range of suitable low temperature radiators, some for surface mounting, some recessed or flush with the floor.
Jaga have a number of products, but their 'Performers' range of radiators are suitable for the lower heating temperature from a heat pump. They even include one that can be a cooler if you have a reverse cycle HP.
    These are the first ones I have found that I would quite like! Jaga use the expression 'DBE' (dynamic boost effect) which is very quietly running fan assistance, but I would expect these to be virtually inaudible compared to MVHR. They would all need a power supply, but this can be provided in the same skirting duct or alongside whatever the pipes run through.

So, take heart. If you are planning to try a heat pump, then these radiators are the ideal way to avoid the disruption or the impossibility of installing Underfloor heating, and which could use your existing pipework for your previous central heating layout.

David Hill of Carbon Legacy has written to point out that Dimplex and Myson have fan assisted models for use with Heat pumps, i.e. a low temperature circuit less than 43 degsC,

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