Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Watery gravel layers

10 Jan 2012: I was asked about solar ground charging by a developer friend recently, for his house. He lives very close to the Trent river, and suspects that he has groundwater bearing gravel within 8m depth of the house. When Severn Trent were recently doing some anti-flood maintenance work, they had deep trenches which had to be pumped out all the time for work to continue.
  For him, I cannot see a useful way to charge with solar heat - the heat would be washed away. I would recommend a cluster of short boreholes, all taking advantage of the conductivity, migration and latent heat of the slowly moving water . This would be preferable to one deep hole trying to get far below that layer.
  He will have a trial hole drilled to test the depth. The gravel layer is probably too deep to lay a horizontal pipe in (within the curtilage of his property), so a group of shallow holes that reach the layer would cause least spoil. 

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