Sunday, February 26, 2012

Solar charging in larger buildings

26 Feb 2012: On Friday 24th I gave a lecture on Energy storage (primarily, Thermal Energy storage) to our Tall Building students. Therefore, it couldn't just be about my house, although that got mentioned. The whole idea of storing thermal energy, and how this would be stored in short and long term and how it would be brought back to apartments had to be considered. This is one of the illustrations.
I will add more detail to it before putting the lecture on line, but meanwhile, here is a key graphic used in the lecture, regarding the mixing of thermal stores and heat pumps in larger buildings.

11 June 2012: here is an additional image produced to help my students illustrate the concept better: It is explained more fully in an article for 11 June 2012.
In summary: Solar thermal energy is captured for hot water tanks and for thermal stores, capturing enough for a year's energy for space heating. Surplus energy in the local stores is shipped to underground piles for inter seasonal storage, during night hours - providing a good delta-T for the next day. The facade can also include solar thermal collectors, which shortens pipe distances to the local stores - reducing cost and system losses through pumping and heat loss in transmission.

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