Monday, March 26, 2012

Electrical problems

Electrical problems
I need a new pump.... probably
one of these Wilo's
Along with this I had a dual electrical problem. I thought it was the Pump, and then discovered that it was the Valve, which was not delivering power to the pump. I replaced the valve actuator and that worked again, but the problem persisted intermittently. It worked, but the system has had very poor performance during the last sunny week with very poor volume transmitted, and very few kilowatt hours - but many hours on the clock!
    I discovered (while checking for airlocks) that the three-speed Pump is not working correctly at the low speed, which is 30 watts. In fact, the 30 watt speed worked briefly while I was looking at it, and then failed completely while I was looking at it. This explains why the sun box system only seems to have worked when the GSHP activity was driving it, but the clock was driven by the Sun, so it recorded high figures. The other two pump speeds, 45 watts and 65 watts work fine, so it is now set to 45 watts. This runs mostly in the daytime when the PV is working, although I would still like a lower power unit.
   The pump should be replaced because it is old and no longer working at the preferred speed. Most normal DC pumps are about 60-70 pounds, but they are all rated for heating with a lowest liquid temperature of +2ºC. As our system is using refrigerant and going below that line in Winter, I investigated colder pumps. Ones that can go down to minus 10ºC are more than 200 pounds, dammit. As this is a normal rating for circulating water, I guess that water at below +2ºC would be having local icing up spots. We are running a solution of anti-freeze, so I will risk getting the standard low cost Wilo pump, but the A or B rated energy efficient one.

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