Saturday, March 3, 2012

External Manifold

3 Mar 2012: Lovely sunny day, and Forest are playing away, so it's a good day for some maintenance. the main task is to get the pump working, but while doing the maintenance, I thought to look at another part of the system that I have neglected until today.
   Here is the external manifold manhole which I have never looked into before.
First problem was how to open it, as it is very heavy and cannot just be levered up. Needs a proper lifter, in fact, two of them. So first task was to make a pair of manhole lifters from aluminium. These now work perfectly.
Once lifted, I can see inside. The MH is lined with concrete with a concrete bottom, good so far. I see that some of the pipes are uninsulated, or the insulation has been loosely fitted and fallen off. No wonder there was some spare insulation left over after the work was done. I've used it all now in other locations, so will have to make some more insulation to wrap the pipes with. This location must have been a bit of a 'system losses' location, as heat lost to the winter air is truly lost. So this must be done before the end of the summer. 

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