Sunday, March 18, 2012

Progress with Bottle Store

17 Mar 2012: The bottle store under the staircase now has 55 litres in it. I have now brought some order to chaos by building a metal rack to store them under and on. They are lined up along the heating pipes, which although insulated, still emit warmth. This 55 litres isn't worth a lot yet. Using a calculation of thermal capacity, currently, it's worth about 0.65 kWh of heat, assuming that the bottles warm up to about 30ºC during the heating time and release to a house set at 20ºC. Of course, during the summer, the heating is off, but the bottles will act as a cool mass in the centre of the house, by absorbing air heat - opening the door will release coolth.
   There's still room for twice that number of bottles, and I shall aim for more than a kilowatt hour's worth - over 100 litres. As the floor slab in the stair store also has underfloor heating, that is also worth a few joules, perhaps 0.9kWh if one assumes a delta-T of 10degs.
    It does seem to be working - in the evening, I can turn the heating off, open the store door and warm air floods out all evening.
    The racking is currently supported on bricks, and sometime soon, I shall reconstruct the legs with some off cuts of aluminium sections, for lightness and greater stability.

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