Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pump or Valve problem again

7 Mar 2012: The Valve actuator only worked for a day and then went dodgy again. Unless one moves the lever manually, it doesn't have the strength to open the valve again. The price of a replacement is about £60 and I don't want to send good money after bad. I have a spare 3 port valve, so I have fitted the Actuator from that, and let's hope we get some good service from it. I am planning to take the entire valve off by the end of this month, so it doesn't have time to go wrong again!

5 Mar 2012: Again, I noticed that the Surya pump was not pumping, and again this was down to the Danfoss Solenoid valve actuator. However, I noticed that under the valve has some very fat pipe insulation that is pushing against the underside, and I wondered if this is the cause.
When I take the actuator off, it works, when I put it on, it was intermittent.
So I cut away some of that insulation. Perhaps that is what made me rush off in a panic in January and buy a new Energy meter that I have not yet fitted.
  It is working today!

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  1. I wish my country would invest more on solar energies :(


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