Monday, May 21, 2012

Building Case Study Visit

20th May 2012: As part of the Transition/WBEcohouses effort for the Summer Gathering weekend, the Peveril Solar house was offered as a Case Study, and I had two visitors at 1pm on 20th May, and a further 3 arrived for the 2pm slot.
  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo! Same as in 2011!
  There seemed to be many questions and much interest, and everybody stayed until long after the one hour slot was  up! I hope that some, or one of the visitors will come back at sometime with a specific request for help on a heat pump, MVHR or PV question.
   I took a photo of the loft, to avoid having to let people up the loft ladder (with all the associated health and safety hazards), so here is a fish eye lens photo of the plumbing at the north end of the house. The end wall is not really curved! I did put large clear labels on every component just in case someone should insist on climbing up to the loft.

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