Sunday, May 6, 2012

Plumbing in the Heat Exchanger

6 May 2012: The plumbing for the Heat Exchanger is started now, mostly using recycled pipe from previous work. The previous work was difficult to take out because the evacuated tube plumbers ran the pipe along the floor, with a drain cock actually on the floor, so draining it was a problem. There is no space for any sort of a drip tray underneath. There will be one when the replacement work is finished. 

Here are some of the components needed - including the insulated box. I shall reuse the yellow lever ball valves, to make it possible to enable or disable the heat exchanger at the simple turn of the valves, and also to link the circuit to the existing top up vessel.
Work is proceeding. The old pipes taken out, and the valves and tee pieces beginning to appear. I will complete this before deciding exactly where the HX will sit, because the link to that will be with four flexible pipe connectors. The yellow valves will remain closed "for ever" except for diagnosis, airlock removal, isolation or topping up of the liquid. The pipes are spatially separated so that they can be insulated efficiently. 


  1. Hello Friends,
    This is an interesting concept. Water-to-air heat exchangers require the necessary plumbing to cycle water for heating or cooling. While these exchanges can be used in a variety of devices, the water always carries the heat and needs to be moved to either warm or cool the air. Thanks a lot for sharing this....

      Hi Plumber from Texas, as the original posting for the Heat Exchanger was a month ago, I wrote a new item in the blog to summarise clearly why it is being used. Im writing a paper for a conference, so it was a good idea to set it down clearly.

  2. liquid to liquid heat exchange is completely efficient in a solid block of conductive metal, if the outer case of the exchanger is well insulated - all the watts get across. There're three main reasons for using it, first is a time delay, allowing the block to warm up with one circuit while the other waits until it is ready to download the energy. Two, when it does, the Tubes are not dowsed with cold liquid. Three, It also allows the two circuits to operate at a different pressure.

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