Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Water in Manifold again

30 April 2012: The intense and continuous rain of Sunday 29th April was enough to nearly fill the manifold manhole again - despite all my attempts with the inner tube lining etc.
   It's clear, watching it during the rain, that there's a slight fall towards the manhole lid, which is what normal tarmacc-ers would do, assuming it to be a normal manhole - for which the water would run away naturally. In this case, it just builds up inside, and must eventually soak away. Maybe I shouldn't worry as a small manhole's worth is not much compared to a 16 storey high borehole. However, I do worry,  because water is more conductive, and is probably helping the GSHP with its heating, but negating my efforts at putting solar heat down.
  I don't want to have to lift the manhole cover very often - I left it for 5 years before lifting it. It must have had water in it for much of that time. That may be why the summer temperature seemed to hit a ceiling of just under 14ÂșC.
   So maybe I should seal it completely using a sealant gun around the rim. This means accepting the fact that when I want to lift it, I am going to have to run a Stanley knife around the lid to break the seal, and when I have inspected it, have to scrape off old sealant and re-seal it. I will do that, and then leave for a measured length of time and rainfall, then lift it again, perhaps at the Summer Solstice, or slightly earlier.

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