Sunday, July 29, 2012

Solar performance during the week

29 July 2012: Its been a mixed week. The weather has been very good, and I have come back to find a good score on the PV and on the Sunbox, averaging a combined score of 30 kWh/day.
   However, the Tubes only did as well in the week as one typically good day, and appear to have reached high temperatures but not circulated much. Both the tubes and the heat exchanger got up to 100ºC, revealing that the heat was not being taken away to the ground. Normally these temperatures are never higher than 24º.
   The solar controller was displaying a distress message. There must have been a small leak as one of the drip trays was full of coolant, and the overall liquid level has reduced, and an airlock must have got into the system. I just pray that the main circulation to the Sunbox has not leaked (difficult to tell) because it could need scaffolding again.
  Before I departed, all systems worked reliably day after day, but since May, we did not have a single sequence of hot days for me to see how it performed. I have to check out the leak, purge airlocks, top up the system and observe frequently.

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